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Fairmont El San Juan Hotel celebrates Women's History Month

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In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, Fairmont El San Juan Hotel has partnered with the Puerto Rico Women’s Foundation (PRWF). Guests and locals will have the opportunity to make a special donation in the checks of all restaurants and bars at the hotel. By making a donation, guests are contributing to their mission of supporting women farmers to become empowered while building a movement that radically improves the economic stability of their families.

At Fairmont El San Juan Hotel’s restaurants, day by day, the teams work to highlight Puerto Rican culinary traditions with inspired, modern interpretations. As an example, during her years in the kitchen, Chef Juliana Gonzalez has been passionate about searching for new products to source from local farms, including those owned or run by women. In that spirit, the hotel will be working to promote the work and leadership of girls, women, and gender-fluid individuals in Puerto Rico. Let’s #BreakTheBias! 

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About Puerto Rico Women’s Foundation

The Puerto Rico Women’s Foundation (PRWF) was launched by a group of activist women from the Puerto Rican diaspora in 2017 following the devastating arrival of Hurricane Maria on the archipelago. They assembled a range of diverse, trailblazing women leaders from Puerto Rico to create the new foundation with vision, guidance, and connections. From the outset, the foundation was designed to go beyond simply contributing to the rescue effort—to be a force combatting the core gender and racial biases that relentlessly undermine the position of Puerto Rico’s women and gender-fluid individuals and gravely exacerbate the tolls borne by those groups during any time of crisis.


Project: Women Leading Sustainable Agriculture in Puerto Rico

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted food distribution chains. At the same time, media reports suggest that the pandemic may be taking a toll on food access in Puerto Rico, which has been struggling with a long-term economic decline and the damage left over from Hurricane Maria. A study by the Institute of Statistics in 2019, found that 33.2% of the population experienced food insecurity, and this was exacerbated during the pandemic. This indicates that it is extremely urgent to take action and contribute to the development of this sector.

Many women’s collectives in agriculture are working together to bring food security on the island. The Puerto Rico Women’s Foundation have worked with organizations in all corners in Puerto Rico, including the neighboring municipalities of Vieques and Culebra which are often forgotten due to their geographical detachment to the main island.

The Puerto Rico Women’s Foundation new project on sustainable agriculture is part of their effort to support women farmers to become empowered and to empower collectives that work together to build a movement that radically improves the economic stability of women farmers and their families. In particular, this project puts women farmers at the forefront of the campaign to make Puerto Rico more self-sufficient with food. Also, to improve the health of families in the areas served; and the environmental health of a region that has relied on unhealthy foods and serious environmental risks for far too long.

The development of new projects in agricultural businesses led by women not only allows economic autonomy among disadvantaged communities, it is also an opportunity to create movements that help the local livelihood of communities that benefit from agricultural products. For The Puerto Rico Women’s Foundation and Fairmont El San Juan Hotel, it is important to support efforts that have multilateral impacts and thus achieve the greatest impact with the resources granted.

Moreover, Fairmont El San Juan Hotel is committed to sustainable value creation while playing an active role in giving back to the planet and the community. Accor's Planet 21 – Acting Here program endeavours to act for “positive hospitality,” specially by starting in the local community. Through this extraordinary initiative, Fairmont El San Juan Hotel will continue to work for its ideals serving as a powerful voice on the importance of our land and its resources. Let us make a change together this #IWD2022!

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Flor de Luna (Moon's flower)

Refreshing yet complex, a combination of fresh, floral, and citrus ingredients; from homemade rosemary simple syrup, lavender bitters, fresh lime juice, elderflower liqueur to grenadine and blue curacao to give it an elegant, beautiful color. "Flor de Luna" (Moon's flower) is inspired by its floral undertones and purple shade of color, a color that is ever present in the beauty of nature; from the flowers to the night sky illuminated by the moon. Furthermore, the color purple is the official color of International Women's Day representing solidarity. Discover this delicious drink of the month at El San Juan Beach Club. 

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Flor de Luna Recipe


2 oz. Hendricks gin

¼ Blue Curacao

½ Grenadine

¼ Rosemary Simple Syrup

½ St. Germaine

2 dashes lavender bitter

½ lime juice


o   Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and dry shake

o   Strain into a glass with fresh ice 

o   Garnish with Lavender flower or Rosemary spring