A Colorful Rug

ArtLab³ at The Shops

ARTLAB³, the new virtual and face-to-face space
for Puerto Rican art

In these moments, when we spend more time at home, we need visual elements that contribute to our mood. With this philosophy in mind ARTLAB³ was born, a new aesthetic experience to acquire art, created by the renowned fashion designer Gustavo Arango and located at Fairmont El San Juan Hotel.

"Art, today more than ever, becomes important as a therapy that nurtures the human being's need to surround himself with elements full of color, energy and creativity," explains Arango. “ARTLAB³ is a meeting place where local and international artists exhibit their works of art. ARTLAB³ is also a virtual platform. " The experience includes three main elements, represented by the number 3 in its name: Global, Virtual and Visual. In addition to the physical space located in the Fairmont El San Juan Hotel shopping gallery, ARTLAB³ achieves a Global reach through Instagram at @ artlab.3, the most important social network in the art world where the works on display are detailed and the artists are introduced. ARTLAB³ Virtual will be able to attend to its clients from anywhere on the plane through video calls. The Visual element is manifested through the photo-montage service so that customers can view the works in their own spaces or walls.
"ElSan Juan Hotel has always been recognized in Puerto Rico for its patronage of the arts in support of music, fashion and fine arts," says Kelley Cosgrove, general manager of the hotel. "At this moment more than ever we understand the importance of sharing the talent of Puerto Rican artists and that the public worldwide can appreciate it."

ARTLAB³ has important collaborators such as Margarita Fernández-Zavala, curator and art manager, who acts as an advisor in the selection of pieces and artists. Also, Carlos Matta, interior designer and creative director, offers his knowledge and experience through advice to achieve a perfect synergy in the proper choice of a piece for a given space.

The opening of the new concept features the talent of Puerto Rican artists Alfonso Muñoz, Annelisse Molini, Edwin Mauras Maldonado, Eliel Perez Colón, EPSO and Madian Porrata-Doria.

Committed to the development of the plastic arts, ARTLAB³ will designate a percentage of its sales to the creation of a scholarship for artists who demonstrate potential and talent and who wish to obtain a formal education that helps them grow professionally.