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Best Places to Take Photos in San Juan

This is a guest blog post written by Flytographer. They connect travelers with a professional photographer for a fun, hassle-free photoshoot in San Juan and 380+ destinations around the world.

A Person in a yellow skirt poses in front of a bright orange building 

Photo by Karlota in San Juan for Flytographer

On the northern coast of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico lies the colorful city of San Juan. Walking the cobblestoned streets, you're not just welcomed as a traveler, but as a friend. With Instagrammable photo locations across the city, a laid-back Caribbean flair, and vibrant Puerto Rican personality, San Juan is a historic city infused with modern-day character. It's nearly impossible to pick our favorites, but we've partnered with the local Flytographers in San Juan to showcase 10 of the best photography locations to visit on your next trip.

1. Castillo de San Cristóbal

Built by the Spanish, Castillo de San Cristóbal was built to protect the city from attacks on land, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether you're a history buff or not, the views from the vast esplanade of Old San Juan are stunning. Don't miss snapping a photo from one of the picturesque turrets overlooking the water!

A smiling couple holds hands on top of a castle with a view of the ocean

Photo by Jafet in San Juan for Flytographer

2. Santurce Art District

Wherever you find street art, you’ll find artists, and this free-spirited barrio is becoming the epicenter for the arts, music, fashion and tech scenes on the island. Santurce Art District all started with a community of artists who came together in an attempt to breathe life into a forgotten neighborhood, and through the years, it transformed into a movement proving that the arts can heal both buildings and the community. Vibrant murals, unique boutiques and hip, local eateries make every corner of this artists' paradise photo-worthy.

A group of women in colorful dresses laugh and smile while standing in front of a historic building

Photo by Karlota in San Juan for Flytographer

3. Classic Old San Juan

The streets of Old San Juan are famous for the colonial-style buildings painted in an array of pastel colors, so simply wandering the cobblestoned streets should be in your itinerary. The old city was established in 1521, nearly a century before the Mayflower even landed on the coast of the US, but San Juan certainly doesn't act its age. You'll go from fortresses and cathedrals to hip cocktail bars and swanky fusion restaurants in just a couple of steps.

 A group of people gather in front of a historic, colorful storefront

Photo by Karlota in San Juan for Flytographer

4. Piñones

The salty ocean breeze mixes with the smell of the many authentic street food vendors found in the traditional neighborhood of Piñones. Wear comfortable shoes not just for comfort, but because you may just break out in dance to the salsa music that seems to play here all day long. It also happens to be nestled along a long stretch of white sand beach, should a relaxing afternoon in the sun call your name.

A couple embraces in front of a painted wall with the flag of Puerto Rico on it

Photo by Karlota in San Juan for Flytographer

5. Condado Beach

The swaying palms and turquoise waters of Condado Beach are a tropical escape ... conveniently just steps from the city! This pedestrian-friendly neighborhood is also home to luxury designer storefronts and a booming nightlife scene waiting for you after you’ve soaked up a few beach hours with your toes in the sand. This upscale area truly has a little bit of everything.

A couple sits together on a beach looking at the ocean

Photo by Camille in San Juan for Flytographer

6. La Fortaleza

The street leading up to this stunning fortress-turned-residence where the governor lives is worth a visit alone for the art hanging above the street. Previously, multicolored umbrellas hung overhead, as well as a giant Puerto Rican flag. At the time of this post, bright pink kites now hang above the street. It's one of the most instagrammable places in the city, and after snapping a few photos, take a guided tour through the building and grounds of Palacio de Santa Catalina, also known as La Fortaleza.

A group of four women throw their hats in the air while sitting on the steps in front of a building

Photo by Karlota in San Juan for Flytographer

7. El Morro

Castillo San Felipe del Morro, more commonly known as El Morro, was the second fort built on the islet. It's now a museum, and both El Morro and the walled city of Old San Juan were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you're arriving or leaving San Juan by boat, you'll see the fort sitting regally on the coastline. It's easy for history to come alive here as you imagine soldiers centuries ago in their uniforms standing watch from the walls.

A man and a woman hold hands with a little girl as they walk along a body of water

Photo by Camille in San Juan for Flytographer

8. Plazuela de Rogativa

Arguably one of the most scenic squares in San Juan, with 180-degree views of the sparkling San Juan Bay, Plazuela de Rogativa is hidden just next to La Fortaleza. It's also a beautiful location to catch the sunset over the water. At the center of the plaza lies a bronze statue that, according to legend, represents the women of San Juan who held a religious procession in 1797 holding torches, ringing bells and singing hymns, which scared off the British soldiers who thought reinforcements had arrived.

Two women sit together in the alcove of a historic building

Photo by Karlota in San Juan for Flytographer

9. Plaza de Armas

This bustling plaza was designed to serve as the main square for the city, and it still remains the heart of Old San Juan today. There are plenty of benches to relax on as you people-watch, listen to the gurgling fountain and enjoy the sunshine. You'll often find street performers entertaining locals and visitors alike, and it's the perfect spot to orient yourself as you explore the streets of Old San Juan.

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Photo by Karlota in San Juan for Flytographer.

10. El Yunque National Forest

While not directly in the city of San Juan, we would be remiss to not suggest a day trip to the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest System. There are so many beautiful places to explore in El Yunque, including lush hiking trails and waterfalls cascading over pools you can bathe in. Although it's relatively small in size, it is incredibly diverse, and there is nowhere more pristine to visit on the island.

A couple sit on a rock next to a beach with palm trees and the ocean in the background

Photo by Camille in San Juan for Flytographer

The cobblestone streets are calling, and a getaway to San Juan is the answer. Are these photogenic spots on your bucket list? Capture the personality, energy and colors of this historic city with both your camera and a professional Flytographer shoot!