Fairmont El San Juan Hotel Hosted Iconic Fam Trip

Fairmont El San Juan Hotel is extremely happy to have hosted a spectacular group of amazing meeting planners, popular influencers, and incredible media. It was a weekend full of exciting events and surprises!

The exciting trip started with a very special welcome dinner titled “The Colors of Puerto Rico Dinner at Casa Del Mar.” Perfectly poised on the sands of the award-winning Isla Verde Beach, the Casa Del Mar Suite is the pinnacle of indulgence and an ideal space for entertaining. The guests became painters for the night and joined for a casual evening of “Sip & Paint” featuring a seaside barbeque dinner. A local painter guided them to create an authentic San Juan sunset, accompanied by unrivaled Puerto Rican ocean views.

The next day, everyone woke up early and excited for a tropical Catamaran Beach Day. There, they explored Culebra Island, which has one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, Flamenco Beach. Culebra is a small Puerto Rican island loved by visitors and locals alike, where you able to bath in the Caribbean’s crystal-clear water and enjoy a full day of fun in the sun.

After the long catamaran day, guests were invited for a unique “La Placita Inspired” dinner at signature restaurant, Caña by Juliana Gonzalez. They were able to discover the inspired cuisine that put the Island of Enchantment on the map, seamlessly blended with authentic Puerto Rican flavors by Chef Juliana Gonzalez. Each one-of-a-kind dish invited guests to celebrate La Placita’s traditions old and new, with the international zest and fresh ingredients Chef Juliana Gonzalez is known for.

The night is endless! Moreover, it continued with an exclusive After Party at Chico Cabaret. In 1958 Chico was the hotel’s speakeasy, a cozy secluded lounge hidden from The Lobby and originally designed and named after a famous speakeasy in Manhattan. Chico Cabaret recreates that era with an emphasis on curated live entertainment where seasoned performers are featured. Everyone danced showing their best moves to the rhythms of a live music band!

On the second day of the trip, guests had the opportunity to choose between staying relax at the luxury, private cabanas at El San Juan Beach Club, or doing the “Old San Juan Walk & Taste Tour.” Puerto Rico has over 500 years of history making this destination one of the richest in culture, and one of the ways to learn about the culture is through culinary options. Spaniard, Taino and African flavors mix together in perfect harmony in the food and drinks. As you walk through the cobblestone streets of the Old City learning about its history, you can experience the rich flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine creating an experience that will captivate all your senses.

During the evening, guests delighted with an exclusive “Grandest of Feelings” dinner under the historic Banyan Tree dating from over 300 years at Fairmont El San Juan Hotel’s surroundings and pools. It was a magical evening, full of elegance, surprises, and live entertainment that included a peaceful harpist, a gymnast dancer inside a giant martini glass (impressive!), and an exciting fireworks show as the unforgettable closing ceremony.

Afterwards, they celebrated the glamorous Opening party for San Juan Moda Fashion Week’s, a premier event on the island that features the best collections by Puerto Rico’s renowned fashion designers. The orange carpet led attendees to an iconic fashion show, exciting music, and more! The entire decoration was in orange, as the official Puerto Rico Sunshine color by the Pantone Color Institute.

The last day sadly arrived with the Farewell Brunch at El San Juan Beach Club and mimosas to toast for a wonderful weekend.

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