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Las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián are here this 2023

Per Discover Puerto Rico, “Las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián” is the event that closes the longest holiday season in January. It is no secret that for the vibrant Puerto Rican culture, every day is a reason to celebrate life in the Island of Enchantment.

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During this multi-day celebration, the streets of Old San Juan become one big party, with music, dance performances, and a folkloric parade of "vejigantes".

Puerto Rico’s vejigantes are known for their whimsical and colorful costumes, most notably their masks with horns. The masks are used widely in celebrations, and mostly derive from Loiza or Ponce. The masks represent the battle of good and evil- and the tradition dates back to 12th century medieval Spain, where the vejigante represented the moors who were defeated by St. James.

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During the day, painters and artisans present and sell their breathtaking pieces all around Old San Juan. At the same time, singers and dancers present spectacular performances during the entire day, making it an iconic all-day concert. Attendees dance to the Caribbean rhythms endlessly.

For many of us, this is an important cultural tradition, and we are waiting for you to join us!

See you there. 

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Don’t forget to start the day by soaking the sun at a luxurious cabana in El San Juan Beach or drinking a delicious handcrafted cocktail at The Lobby to start the party in the right way before going to the legenday “Las Fiestas.”

And remember Old San Juan is only 15 minutes away from Fairmont El San Juan Hotel, making it the ideal spot to start the celebration. 

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