A Guide to the Health Benefits of Spa Treatments

While there’s no question that a day at the spa can soothe the soul, melt away muscle soreness, and provide a much-needed respite from everyday life, there’s more to the experience than just calming music and luxe amenities (although those are wonderful, too). Spa treatments can actually boost physical, mental, and emotional health, offering your mind and body a chance to reset through the perfect massage, facial, or customized therapy.

At Fairmont El San Juan Hotel, we know how important this kind of self-care is to maintaining and embracing your wellbeing. A rejuvenating experience awaits at our very own Well & Being Spa, where our bliss-filled spa menu features customizable options to match whatever your body, mind, and spirit are craving. Personalized massages and facials, body scrubs and wraps: we’ve covered all of the bases so that all you have to do is lie back, relax, and enjoy. And if you’re looking for a more active lifestyle while visiting, Well & Being’s robust fitness class offerings and personal training are sure to address your every fitness need. Experience our Functional Fitness Sky Lab and take your fitness routine to new heights in an outdoor rooftop fitness facility. From Float Fit to In-Trinity Board Class, Spinning, Latin Beat, and Body Sculpting classes, to Boot Camp and TRX classes, we offer something for everyone.

Health Benefits of Spa Treatments

The healing power of touch has been recognized and revered for millennia, and is reinforced by modern science: From slowing down the nervous system and lowering blood pressure to helping you sleep better and relieving anxiety, there are countless reasons to book yourself time at the spa.

Massage therapy in particular offers an impressive array of healing properties, with each different style providing its own unique set of benefits. At Fairmont El San Juan, we offer 10 types of massage therapy (including hot stone, Thai, and deep tissue) and a number of add-ons to further customize your experience. Using aromatherapy, intentional techniques, heat, and other carefully learned and highly practiced methods, our skilled team of specially trained therapists are able to tailor each treatment to meet your exact needs.

While their aesthetic benefits are best known, there are several health benefits of facials, too. Like massage therapy, facials help to reduce anxiety, boost mood, and improve blood circulation in the face and neck. They also offer the added benefits of preventing skin aging, detoxifying your lymphatic system, and purifying and regenerating your skin tissue. There are six facial treatments offered at Well & Being Spa plus six masks and peels available to add on to any experience.

Whether you are looking for stress-relief, relaxation, or a deep purification of your skin, our massage therapists and estheticians at Well & Being Spa are here to make sure your year gets off to a healthy start.


In addition to our permanent treatment menu, we have put together several Well & Being specials to aid you in choosing the service that best suits your needs. Among them are 20% off any treatment for Puerto Rico residents and 25% off massages for hotel guests, good through March 31, 2021. For more information on these and all our other offers, visit the Well & Being Spa website.

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